Thursday, April 8, 2010

Entering the Stillness

We enter into the still of the morning.
The mighty sage stills all around us with a wave of his hand. The cloak and turbin his wears creates a mystery of who he really is real and the band says he's powerful.
In the morning, all is still, quiet and serene. We hear small sounds, yet the Sage of Stillness reminds us to enter into our own thoughts, to travel to the house deep within us to listen to the guiding voice that leads us to who we really are.
Do not be afraid of the unknown. Do not be afraid of the mystical Sage- we are all capable of becoming that which we aspire to be as long as we take time to go within. The first words I remember hearing as a new meditator was to look within- go deeper into the silence to hear that small voice. The second phrase I heard was to look beyond- look beyond the ordinary and beyond the troubles that were part of my everyday living. The solution was there as long I was allowed to to sit in solitude and allow the inner guide to speak, to guide me to the vision and see the answer as clear as day.
This card, Sage of Stillness, spoke to me when I first saw it. It spoke to me as a reminder of coming away from the business of the day to be sit in silence. It spoke to me of the power of getting in touch with that inner guide, or power and need that I often do not do as often as I need to because of the daily need to get my son up for school, seeing my husband off to work and my old worry that I am a loner without a lot of friends. The Sage of Stillness reminds me that my life is changing. I have more friends than I would ever admit to- I have to change my view of myself. I have to see that power is not harmful-if used to enlighten others- used to enlighten ourselves and to heal wounds. Letting go of grudges, hurts and misunderstandings are very difficult- my ego often gets in the way. I want to control others- in my fantasy I have more control over those in my life- yet controling others is not the way of spiritual growth. We have to allow others to be who they are- allow them to express themselves- yet chose to ask in a way that is not offensive to tell us of their need to be a certian way. And also asking that person to accept me as I am while not asking me to change in a way that is uncomfortable to me.
Come away- come away- says old spiritual song I used to listen to in the mid-'80's. Come away, rest by the waters, sit, relax and let go of the worries that weigh you down. Allow me to whisper to you the way to ease the pain- shed insight to how to heal the hurts and begin to forgive those who you feel have hurt you. Not all of the ways others have hurt us are done on purpose- sometimes we need to see within her or him- see what the reason maybe that may have lead to the person acting as they did- sometimes we need to bury our own ego in order to talk to them and begin to heal the wound. If one is unwilling (as I am most of the time when I feel slighted), it is my ego that gets in the way as I wish for the other to take the first step. Often the other is confused and does not understand that I feel hurt and resentful.
Those forks are not my personal forks- they belong with the community work box. They do not belong in my cart's utensil box. Do not rearrange the inside of my cart without my approval or permission. There is not room for both of the storeage boxes within my cart. Please respect how I feel- words I want to say- words I need to say- but something holds me back. Judgement, resentment and so on- please do not judge me. I am on this Earth to learn the same Spiritual lessons as others. I am fallible-
Spiritually, we are pure. We are all capable of being more than what we are. Yet in our human form, we make mistakes. Forgive- chose to forgive- it is a hard lesson. I hurt myself by holding on to my grudge. The Sage of Stillness speaks to me allow the waters I sit by to wash away my hurt, anger and feelings of being an object of another's need to control, need to keep everything too organized without respecting my words or my own thoughts for how to organize our work stuff. I would like to consulted and considered important instead of pushed aside and ignored. We all want to considered. Yet the lesson for me is how am I ignoring myself and not considering my own needs? That is the subject for another meditation.

Allow the Sage of Stillness to lead you into a deeper meaning of yourself. Spend some time in silence, listening to voice within yourself.

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